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Guys I’ve been through it all. Well almost, I’ve spent weeks in the hospital in a state of confusion wondering if they would figure out what was wrong with me.  I’ve spent weeks on a sofa in agonizing pain that made it so I couldn’t walk.  I’ve been a single father of one daughter.  I’ve had to move in with my parents when I couldn’t afford to support myself and my daughter.  I’ve attempted suicide.  I’ve been a victim in a physically abusive relationship.  I’ve been mentally and emotionally abused.  I’ve tried many avenues to overcome my situations and downfalls when I thought I was broken, I’ve drank myself into an unconscious state, I spent close to a year drinking way to much on a daily basis.  I’m an ex smoker, I’ve tried starving myself and secluding myself from society thinking that I wasn’t good enough to talk to people.   I’ve tried over eating just to fit in.  Through that all I’ve kept one thing alive, hope and passion for a brighter future.   My shear drive and desire to become a better person has driven me to be the man I am now today.  I am a single father with 4 children, 3 of which still live with me, I wake up daily looking for more ways to improve my life and improve the lives of those around me.  I work out daily and eat good healthy foods because that is how I want my kids to live their lives.  It’s paying off too.

If you want to know more or if you have anything you want to share please feel free to message me.