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Welcome to Coach Conti Fitness

Here you will find that we, as a community, welcome and encourage ALL!!!  My goal in life is to see others succeed in health, fitness, business and life.

We are all going to be supportive, anyone on my team wants to see the others succeed so please join and encourage and empower!!!!

More About Me

I was born in Edison NJ and lived in Jackson NJ until I was 13 where I had an awesome childhood, growing up I had a bunch of friends, I liked to roller skate (still do) skateboard etc and we moved to VA out in BFE (those from Nutbush can attest) but I eventually adapted and grew as a person.  Now I am living in Yorktown Va. where I now have 4 kids and a wife.  I am really enjoying the new choices I am making with fitness and eating healthier I am being more positive and I am really becoming a better person all around for myself and for my family and that is what really matters.