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Success Stories


Well my weightloss journey started around 2011. First let me tell you a lil about me. Im a happy mother of four beaufiful kiddos. One boy and three girls. I am also legally blind. We had just moved into our home when i made that decision to finally work on losing weight and sticking with it. So at the end of 2011 i started this journey. I was weighing close to 230lbs and in a size 22-24. I ran out breath pretty quickly and really couldnt do kuch with my kiddos. I started doing the beachbody programs starting with rockin body and hip hop abs. Yep love me some Shaun T lol. I kept pushing and by mid 2013 i belive i had managed to lose almost 100 lbs I was down to 135 lbs and in a size 4-6 i was so proud of all my hard work. So many said i couldnt do it and there I was in a 4-6 man it was such an amazing feeling. Then at the end of 2014 I injured my rist pretty bad couldnt due much for like 2 months and i fell off. Lost my way and let myself go. Not a proud moment. I could not get myself to get back to my workouts. By the time i knew it I had gained more than half my weight back. I was up to 199 lbs once again. But it really didnt hit me till August of 2016 when i was lookin at my 4th of July photos and seen how much weight I had gained back and how big I had gotten. That was my oh hell no moment lol. All my hard work down the drain and i didnt like it. So at the end of August I started back workin out again. It wasnt easy gettin back on track the first week was the hardest. Since then its been great. Ive been workin out almost every day. Stickin with my programs if I miss a day I make it up the next. So as I said i had gotten back up to 199 lbs and am now down 22 lbs in 3 months. I still have a ways to go and my journey has just begun once again but its definately worth it. So since August ive done 2 rounds of 21 Day Fix, a round of Country Heat, and am finishing up my fiest round of Core De Force. i have already made plans to do Insanity Max 30 as well. Through it all I have to say I couldnr have done it without my coach Matt Conti and my fit family. They have been there since day 1. Even though I lost my way, when I found it once again they were their welcoming me back with open arms no questions asked and helpin me push forward. Having that support makes a huge difference especially when its with other just like you. Who know the struggle. Thanx guys.

Angela Perez